Commercial Fishing Stories /CCPFH

commercial-fisheries We spent quite a few days on fishing boats with the Canadian Council of Professional Fish Harvesters to produce this series of short videos about commercial fishing. The campaign was produced to shed light on owner/operator fish harvesting industry by depicting the lives of authentic fishermen and their communities...

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Reel - InFocus

Reel /KÖBB Media

Motion Capture - InFocus

Motion Capture /Batman Arkham Origins


Back from Martinique /KÖBB Media


We survived this challenging mission on Diamond Rock! We slept 10 nights in a cave with the bats and searched all over the island for an extinct snake. We...

Recruiting Campaign /CSIS


KÖBB spent a few weeks under the radar travelling across Canada to shoot CSIS’s 2012 national recruiting campaign. Our mandate was to produce different video testimonials about jobs carried...