Arctic Char Genomics Study /DFO

arctic-char-17Arctic char is an important food source in Northern Labrador. Fisheries and Oceans Canada (DFO) scientists are working collaboratively to build a genetic baseline to better understand the fish populations. This project was shot in the Torngat Mountains National Park where our cinematographer spent a week to document the research. He followed DFO scientists as...

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Cap Tourmente - InFocus

Cap Tourmente /Environment Canada

REEL - InFocus


Radarsat-2 - InFocus

Radarsat-2 /Canadian Space Agency

Motion Capture - InFocus

Motion Capture /Batman Arkham Origins


Trained to read between the lines /CBSA


We’re proud to present Canada Border Services Agency’s (CBSA’s) new recruitment ad. Our team of two spent a few days in various ports of entry across Canada to catch a glimpse...

Halibut Fishing /FFAW


Last summer, the FFAW invited us to visit Trout River – Newfoundland to produce a short video about Blaine Crocker; a wild halibut fisherman. Rain and shine, we went out on the boat to film...