Commercial Fishing Stories /CCPFH


We spent quite a few days on fishing boats with the Canadian Council of Professional Fish Harvesters to produce this series of short videos about commercial fishing. The campaign was produced to shed light on owner/operator fish harvesting industry by depicting the lives of authentic fishermen and their communities across Canada.



Ice Fishing on Lake Winnipeg, Manitoba

Our team visited Helgi, Dale and Kris Einarsson in Dauphin River Manitoba to document their technique used for commercial ice fishing. They showed us how they work on the thick ice of lake Winnipeg, the sixth largest freshwater lake in Canada. The good old “Bombardier” is what most commercial fishermen drive to get around in the area.The fishery is largely based on the use of nets and a pretty neat tool known as the “Under Ice Crawler”, as the principal means of fishing gear.





Oyster Harvesting in Bedeque, Prince Edward Island

We spent a day with 82 year-old Clifford Bernard, an oyster harvester on Prince-Edward-Island. He shared his thoughts about the industry and showed us how he works the bottom of the river with his oyster tongs. We were amazed to see this ancient fishing technique still alive and kicking here in Canada.





Commercial Salmon Fishing in Prince Rupert, British Columbia

Sockeye salmon fishery on the Skeena River has gone through many complex issues over the course of years. Independent commercial gillnetters now have a hard time keeping their head out of the water. This video focuses on Tom and Christine Chipman while they try to get the most out of their short fishing season.

salmon_fishing_01 salmon_fishing_02salmon_fishing_03




Crab Fishing in Petty Harbour, Newfoundland

The coastal communities of Newfoundland have been severely affected by the cod moratorium in the 90′s. For many fishermen, what seemed like the end of fishing turned out as an opportunity to invest into snow crab fishing. In this video, crab harvester Todd Chafe shares his thoughts about the fishery.

crab_fishing_01crab_fishing_02 crab_fishing_03




 Lobster Fishing in Meteghan, Nova Scotia

Commercial fishing is a pillar to economic life in several coastal communities across Nova Scotia. Victor Thibault,  an Acadian lobster fisherman, speaks about his job as well as the challenges of getting into the industry.





Crab Fishing in Sept-Iles, Quebec

This video captures the testimony of Jeff Vollant, the young skipper aboard the “Chasseur d’Écume”, and follows him and his crew during a day of snow crab fishing.





Join Our Vision – Corpo Video

This video showcases the Canadian Council of Professional Fish Harvesters work. In keeping with the style of the previous videos it portrays its work through images of Canadian fish harvesters. We assembled this video from images we shot across Canada for CCPFH’s series about commercial fish harvesters.

corpo_01corpo_02 corpo_03